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CLAIRE BOONSTRA Creating a movement from status to value

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We have to educate for value, not for tests. You can accelerate the change, here’s how.

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Value is a verb – it’s the positive things you do

Let’s take a bit of distance from your everyday life, and look at society as a whole. In an ideal world, everybody has value for society. And everybody wants to be valued by others, no matter who you ask. Value is not only about money. People who have value for society are people who care, who inspire, who lead, solve, develop, create, teach, give, organize, research, design, develop, repair, reflect, help, protect, connect, create, improve, who make something grow, who make something beautiful, who make you happy or smile…

These are all verbs. It is not about what you have (money, or knowledge) or your title (status), it is how you use yourself as a tool to make things better. People who are valued, are people who do positive things. To use yourself as a tool, you have to first understand yourself and your strenghths.

Value is very personal. Everybody is capable of having value for society, irrespective of your age, IQ, school grades, income, diplomas, location, race or religion.

You can have value being a great hiphop dance choreographer, a smart carpenter, a rocket scientist, an organizer of inspiring events, or by being a caretaker for people in your community. Everybody has different skills, drives, talents and motivations – leading to a different unique and personal value. Over the past years we have become increasingly aware of the importance of finding and using our value, as well as an interesting multiplier effect: the more you are working in line with your talents and motivations, the more value, effect and success you have.

Education should be about finding, developing, and learning how to use your own and unique value for society.

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