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NOVEMBER 15, 2013


Singer-song writer and Grammy nominated artist Jeffrey Osborne joins
students from the Met School in Providence to announce the distribution of proceeds from his Celebrity Golf Classic. The Met Media and Arts Center was one of the recipients of this year’s fundraising event.
Students from Big Picture South Burlington learning how to attach a coffee harvesting basket in Nicaragua.

Seal of approval
By Andrew Frishman, Director of Program Development
I recently met up with an alumnus who graduated in my advisory at Met in Providence in 2006. He now lives in San Francisco and works for a “big data” company helping to aggregate consumer information and use it to produce interactive digital dashboards for fortune 500 companies so that they can better understand how to customize product offerings to increase sales. – Read More


CO-CORNER: D to the E
Big Picture Learning Co-Directors and Co-Founders DENNIS LITTKY and ELLIOT WASHOR share what’s happening in their world of innovating and transforming education.

– Read More 

Author and blogger Chris Mercogliano reviews“Leaving to Learn”

Chris was a teacher at the Albany Free School for thirty-five years and stepped down as director in June, 2007 to concentrate on writing and speaking about non-controlling education and child rearing. He is the author of Making It Up As We Go Along, the Story of the Albany Free School, Teaching the Restless, One School’s Remarkable No-Ritalin Approach to Helping Children Learn and Succeed, How to Grow a School: Starting and Sustaining Schools That Work, In Defense of Childhood: Protecting Kids’ Inner Wildness, and the forthcoming A School Must Have a Heart

An opportunity for teachers from high-poverty communities 


The Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice is a $25,000 prize awarded annually to public school teachers who demonstrate exceptionally effective teaching with students from high-poverty communities. Offered by TNTP, a nonprofit organization working to ensure that all students get excellent teachers, the prize is given to up to five teachers each year. In addition to receiving $25,000, the winners engage in a six-week, one-of-a-kind summer residency during which they meet with education leaders nationwide and write and publish a collection of essays about their most essential teaching strategies. Finalists receive a $1,000 award and national recognition. Applicants who submit by the early deadline of December 3, 2013 will learn whether they have been selected for the next round in advance of other applicants. The final deadline is January 21, 2014. To read the 2013 winners’ paper and learn more about how to apply, or how to nominate your favorite teacher, please visit:



The theme “Depth of Field: Leadership in Focus” will be taking place on December 11- 13, 2013. It will convene at the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel, One Dock Street, (2nd and Walnut Sts), Philadelphia, PA

Conference Update:

Conversations in the Classroom: ‘Classrooms without Walls and Books without Boundaries’


The English Department’s Centre for Children’s Literature and Culture, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, Ireland.  Director: Julie Anne Stevens


Elliot Washor, co-author of Leaving to Learn (Heinemann, 2013) and co-founder of Big-Picture Learning in the United States, and Kevin Stevens, writer of adult and children’s fiction such as The Powers (Little Island 2013) and general manager of the e-learning company, SkillSoft, in Ireland, talked about the impact of new technologies in the classroom and in the book. They asked if productive learning or reading might be enhanced by new developments, and some of their observations included the crucial importance of engagement and collaboration in new learning /reading environments. – Read More


The latest twist on spreading innovation one school at a time
Carlos Moreno, Dana Luria, and Charles Mojkowski of Big Picture Learning were contributors to KAPPAN MAGAZINE for their November 2013 issue.
“Innovation can come to the rescue of failing schools. But school officials and the consultants they employ must do so on a school-by-school basis.”
The authors offer a detail strategy on creating real innovation in schools while identifying the challenges that can be overcome.
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